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Safes provide reliable protection from theft and fire...


Whether you need to protect large amounts of cash and valuables, or just need to protect valuable documents or computer files from fire, we have a safe that we can supply and fit to suit your needs.




Free Standing Safes


A smart range of freestanding safes, all independently attack tested, and great value for money. These safes can be bolted to floors and walls.

Models with cash ratings of £1,000 to over £100,000 are available.


Fire Safes


From flame retardant document wallets & boxes, to fire safes capable of protecting documents for up to 2 hours in temperatures up to 1015° C, we have something to suit your needs.


Gun Cabinets


We offer a comprehensive range of gun cabinets to suit different requirements. All have high security locking and most have lockable ammunition boxes too.

Key Safes


We can supply and fit a full range of key safes - from large key cabinets, to small external combination key safes.

Home Safes


Our range of home safes are suitable for use at home or for general use in an office. The models in this range have a variety of locking mechanisms including key lock, electronic or biometric locking. Generally these safes have a cash rating of £1000 cash and £10,000 content.

Decoy Safes


These decoy safes make it easy for people to hide their valuables in ‘dummies’ of everyday objects, like cans of beans or books. The brands are fully licensed from their parent companies, so they look exactly the same!